HOUSTON, TEXAS
                                       Sunday, June 19 through
                                       Thursday, June 23, 2016

                                                                     Hilton Americas Hotel
American Guild of Organists
H o u s t o n  C h a p t e r
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          AGO Houston 2016 Vision Statement

The Houston Chapter of the American Guild of Organists will host
a national convention in 2016 that provides professional
development opportunities through education, inspiration, and
social discourse reflective of Houston’s distinctive flavor and
hospitality.  These objectives will be accomplished through world-
class performances, enlightening workshops, creative new music,
and inspiring worship. Houston’s exceptional instruments and
worship spaces will be showcased.  The experience will become a
benchmark for future conventions.
Convention Coordinator:  RhondaFurrAGO2016@gmail.com
Donations:  EdwinHolsworthAGO2016@gmail.com


Exhibits:  VinceParksAGO2016@gmail.com
Facilities:  KathrynWhiteAGO2016@gmail.com
Finance:  EdwinHolsworthAGO2016@gmail.com
Gifts\Grants\Donations:  JohnBirchfieldAGO2016@gmail.com
Hospitality:  JacksonHearnAGO2016@gmail.com
Housing:  ScottMoutonAGO2016@gmail.com
New Music:  CristaMillerAGO2016@gmail.com
Performance:  RobertBatesAGO2016@gmail.com
Promotion\IT:  CarolNaveAGO2016@gmail.com
Program Book\Advertising:  AndrewBowenAGO2016@gmail.com
Registration:  SteveNewberryAGO2016@gmail.com
Transportation:  CathyHildrethAGO2016@gmail.com
Volunteers: LindaThomasAGO2016@gmail.com
Workshops:  MatthewDirstAGO2016@gmail.com
Worship:  DavidHenningAGO2016@gmail.com


Convention Coordinator:  RhondaFurrAGO2016@gmail.com
Executive Assistant:  AnnFrohbieterAGO2016@gmail.com
Deputy Coordinator:  RalphTamperAGO2016@gmail.com
Executive Secretary:  NancyGinsburgAGO2016@gmail.com
Project Manager:  AlanBirchenoughAGO2016@gmail.com
Treasurer:  EdwinHolsworthAGO2016@gmail.com    
The following chapter members and their committees are
busy working to make the AGO 2016 National Convention
the best ever presented.