HOUSTON, TEXAS
                                Sunday, June 19 through
                                Thursday, June 23, 2016

                                                              Hilton Americas Hotel
American Guild of Organists
H o u s t o n  C h a p t e r
   AGO Houston 2016 Vision Statement

The Houston Chapter of the American Guild of Organists will host
a national convention in 2016 that provides professional
development opportunities through education, inspiration, and
social discourse reflective of Houston’s distinctive flavor and
hospitality.  These objectives will be accomplished through world-
class performances, enlightening workshops, creative new music,
and inspiring worship. Houston’s exceptional instruments and
worship spaces will be showcased.  The experience will become a
benchmark for future conventions.
Convention Coordinator:  RhondaFurrAGO2016@gmail.com
Donations:  EdwinHolsworthAGO2016@gmail.com


Exhibits:  VinceParksAGO2016@gmail.com
Facilities:  KathrynWhiteAGO2016@gmail.com
Finance:  EdwinHolsworthAGO2016@gmail.com
Gifts\Grants\Donations:  JohnBirchfieldAGO2016@gmail.com
Hospitality:  JacksonHearnAGO2016@gmail.com
Housing:  ScottMoutonAGO2016@gmail.com
New Music:  CristaMillerAGO2016@gmail.com
Performance:  RobertBatesAGO2016@gmail.com
Promotion\IT:  CarolNaveAGO2016@gmail.com
Program Book\Advertising:  AndrewBowenAGO2016@gmail.com
Registration:  SteveNewberryAGO2016@gmail.com
Transportation:  CathyHildrethAGO2016@gmail.com
Volunteers: LindaThomasAGO2016@gmail.com
Workshops:  MatthewDirstAGO2016@gmail.com
Worship:  DavidHenningAGO2016@gmail.com


Convention Coordinator:  RhondaFurrAGO2016@gmail.com
Executive Assistant:  AnnFrohbieterAGO2016@gmail.com
Deputy Coordinator:  RalphTamperAGO2016@gmail.com
Executive Secretary:  NancyGinsburgAGO2016@gmail.com
Project Manager:  AlanBirchenoughAGO2016@gmail.com
Treasurer:  EdwinHolsworthAGO2016@gmail.com    
The following chapter members and their committees are
busy working to make the AGO 2016 National Convention
the best ever presented.
Stay current with convention updates by
visiting the
convention landing page at:
Stay current with convention updates by
visiting the
convention landing page at:
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